Dec 31, 2011

forgive me, for i have sinned


After spending two hours in hell, also known as Bilka, we went into the city and checked out aaaaaall the pretty things on sale, of course I end up buying something, which wasn't marked down. Anyways, I simply couldn't resist.. I'll show you the beauty tomorrow! Sleep tight.

Dec 30, 2011



Yesterday I got back from Odense, where I've celebrated christmas with my family, and I can't tell you have nice it is to be back. I love my family and spending time with them, but god I love being home again.. In one hour I'm going groceryshopping with two friends for tomorrow, the shoppinglist is so freaking long, wish us luck! Tonight I'm making raspberry sorbet and blinis, again wish me luck - especially with the sorbet, the icecream-machine-thingy and I aren't friends..

Dec 28, 2011

tom ford make me up


I can feel a huge new years outfit crisis on it's way, I'm thinking the Paul & Joe sequin blazer and my crazy high Nelly heels, but whatelse? A dress, pants, jeans, skirt oh my... One thing's for sure I'm going all in on the makeup and this year I will try to remember to take some pictures before I've been drinking champagne and wine.. I tell you last years photos are bad, funny, but bad! Normally it's a faux-pas to do both eyes and lips but for New Years everything is accepted. I'm tempted to do a crazy smokey eye with false eyelashes with powerfull red lips! All these pictures are Tom Ford, j'adore!




Dec 26, 2011

Kinda outta luck

Have you heard this Lana Del Rey aka my girl crush's song Kinda Outta Luck, I love it. Lalala "..I was born bad..."

Dec 23, 2011

Les parfums


When it comes to perfumes I'm like an old lady, I love heavy and spicy scents. My three favorites are Balmain La Môme, Chanel No 5 and Yves Saint Laurent Opium. Okay, in the summer I normally wear more light and flower-ish perfumes - I'll show you my summer favorites when there's sunlight outside my window, but I prefer the heavier ones.

Dec 22, 2011



A few weeks ago I was lucky to get my hands on some makeup from Chanels spring/summer 2012 collection "Spring Harmony". The first piece I'll show you is this red/pink coloured nailpolish named April, "a highly luminous garnet of wild berries." The perfect spring/summer replacement for Rouge Noir.

The nailpolish will be out in January.

New Heights


The shoes to the left is my first pair of high heels. Back then I thought they were sooooo high, and I couldn't imagine walking in them more than 2 hours, after that my feet were burning.
In 2009 I fell in love with these Zara boots in Rome on a vacation with my family. It was july and the sun was burning down on us, I'm sure my dad thought I'd turned insane when I bought a pair of black boots in that kind of heat.. Unfortunately the heel broke at a party and they were absolutely impossible to walk in. I was so sad - they had also become a bloggers favorite and therefore I loved them even more ;-) Anyways I went to Zara, explained my situation and they were so sweet to give me a new pair, since then we have had a lot of fun moments together.

The last pair are also new newest shoe purchase, they're from Nelly and I think the highest shoe I own. - Now I couldn't imagine wearing the first pair, waaaaay too low for me... But I seriously hope I have reach the height limit of my high heels fetisch or else I need to search for heels in porn shops...

Dec 21, 2011

Pleated skirts


At the moment I'm very fond of pleated skirts and have been looking for the perfect one for some time now. One of my friends bought a very cheap one in Zara, but I haven't been able to find it in stores. Instead I've looked at these, Moonspoon Saloon have made a nice one in leather, the two others are from Zara. Would love to own the Moonspoon Saloon, but it's quite pricey, the Zara skirts are okay but not perfect.. To be continued..

Moonspoon Saloon, Zara, Zara



Dec 20, 2011



going home for christmas


Today I'm going home and I seriously dread the trains, I can only imagine how many people who's also going home today... Tomorrow I'm going to a christmas-goodbye-have-a-nice-holiday-thing at my old school and then a christmas lunch with my family and some of their friends. Thursday I'm going to the hairdresser and I'm so freaky terrified, she's going to cut it too short, it's so stupid.. In 2007 I got my hair quite short - into an Yelle-ish bob and since then I've craved long, like really long and it's almost the perfect length now ...but it could need a cut, a very little cut, to be continued!

Dec 19, 2011

Nowhere shirt


Last month I bought this beautiful shirt from Nowhere, but I haven't worn it yet.. I can never figure out what to wear under semi see-through white shirts. I hate it when you can a t-shirt line and I think it's too pretty to be worn with only a bra underneath, it would ruin the simple look...

Do you have any tips? What do you wear under these kind of shirts?

Nowhere shirt from Nelly 



Shake It Out

Dec 18, 2011

un amour fou


For those of you who know me it's quite obvious why the Yves in "Yves And I" refer to the designer Yves Saint Laurent. But for the rest, here we go! My two sweet grandmothers both owned Yves Saint Laurent perfumes and make up, and ever since I could reach up to the bathroom sink, I've stolen a few drops from time to time. I remember they had Champagne (now Yvresse, I would do anything for the original perfume..) and Rive Gauche, when I was 12 I bought my first Rive Gauche and afterwards became interested in getting to know all about Yves Saint Laurent and his fashion. Un amour fou from the very beginning. I was drawn by the incredible YSL-univers and his way of dressing women, he was a powerfull designer with such a fragile soul. 

Last year I saw the Yves Saint Laurent retroperspective exhibition at Petit Palais in Paris with 300 of his haute couture and prêt à porter pieces. At one point I had tears in my eyes, I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing, you could feel his melancholy spirit when you walked through the different collections and eras. 

Anyways it was actually a good friend of mine who suggested the name and I instantly thought it was the perfect name, since Saint Laurent is such a big inspiration to me. My previous blogs have been messy and kind of all over the place, with this one I want to keep it simple - less is more right!

Alors maintenant I'm going to make myself a big bowl of coffee noir, find some kleenex and watch L'Amour Fou again. I will leave you with this sweet interview with a very young Saint Laurent. 

All I Want For Christmas


The most beautiful sequin blazer - Paul & Joe, the perfect red lipstick - Yves Saint Laurent, a pretty pink bracelet - Isabel Marant, Everyday Holy Mugs - Muuto, Purple Magazine, earring - Line&Jo, iPad, black low cut Converse, black Illusion D’Ombre - Chanel, Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld, lingerie - Forrest & Bob, Self Service Magazine, calendar - Moleskine and finally the perfume Paris - Yves Saint Laurent.

Dec 17, 2011

Are u naked?

Soooo funny! It remind me of a picture we took in high school, where I look sooo freaking naked because a classmate put his arm in front of me. Not a pretty sight I tell you!

I am.


Okay here we go, a lot of random facts about me:
  • My name is Amalie Damkjaer
  • I'm 20 years old
  • I live in Copenhagen, but born and raised in O-town aka Odense
  • I study French at the University of Copenhagen
  • I work as a fashion assistant at Vs. Magazine
  • I'm tall 178,5 cm - 179 cm on a good day
  • I've danced ballet for 11 years, from the age of 4 until I turned 15
  • I've never been a fan of sports which include a ball
  • I dislike christmas decorations, curtains and men in shorts with socks in their shoes
  • I don't know why but I have a little (okay big) crush on Olivier Zahm
  • Some of my favorite blogs are The Man Repeller, Blame It On Fashion and 5 Inch And Up
  • I don't like spinach 
  • I'm a french-o-holic. La France, French, Paris, the food, the music, the culture, the movies, the history, the French, I love it all!
  • I own more than 60 pairs of shoes.
  • I have a sweet and beautiful little sister.
  • I'm a phone and social-media-addict, I know it's kind of sad but I love texting, e-mailing, facebook, twitter, instagram etc.
If you wanna check about my old blogs, voila: Amalie Damkjaer - Journal d'Amalie.

And I'm sorry, I lied to you yesterday, I wont tell you why I have called my blog YVES AND I today, but tomorrow, oh yeah, then you'll get the answer!

The collar necklace


I'm obsessed with these necklaces, they remind me of Peter Pan and the sweet Peter Pan-universe. I'm really a black/white/grey-girl. I know it sounds kind of boring, but colours and I just don't work that well together. BUT I do like the idea of a colour splash on your collar necklace! I only own one from H&M, and I adore it, but I would love to add a few more to the non-existing (yet) collection! These three are some of my favorites. And oh, I know I'm late, but have you seen the collarboration between The Man Repeller and Dannijo - to die for!



Crew Love

This song is currently on my top 10, I'm in love with Abel Tesfaye's voice (The Weeknd) and Drake is just everywhere at the moment, isn't he? Actually I haven't heard much of his music, but I'm thinking becuase I like Crew Love so much, I should give him a chance..

cooking, watching, working

As we're speaking I'm preparing a post about me, myself and I. Who are this yves-girl and why is she calling her blog YVES AND I? Well there, you'll get aaaaaaaaaaall the answers tomorrow!

I've spent my evening cooking with a good friend, watching Friend With Money, which is by the way a weird film, what's the plot in that movie? And yeah I've also worked on le blog.

And oh, I wanna apologise in advance for any spelling or grammatic mistakes I will make in the future. English is not my first language, Danish is, therefore sorry!

And I welcome you again

Følg min blog med Bloglovin'

I must confess this isn't my first blog - actually I've had three - one here om blogspot where I changed the name three times, another blogspot-blog, which actually went pretty well and then a tumblr.

I know it's kind of sad. Anyways you probably (not) think "Hm, I wonder, why she has started a new blog AGAIN?". Well the truth is; I just lost the spirit, but I've found it again and I'm now ready to re-invite you into my life!

Bienvenue as the frenchmen say !